Sample Course - for those of you who need
an extra push to sign up for the full course we
now offer a short, to the point sample course
known as the                                               to
good to give away for free... and thats a fact.

Just 5 minutes of your time watching the
tutorial on the                                              
and you will see how easy we make it for you
to have a fantastic bid call.  It took years to
develop the unique style of these 5 stages
and the whole point is to teach the bid call the
fastest and most effective way possible.
Advanced Course - our #1 seller and what
you need to develop a fantastic bid call.  We
start at ground zero and go all the way to the
top most advanced techniques.  Learn at your
own pace by having full access to our video
tutorials 24/7, 365 days a year FOR LIFE!

The best part about it is that its all online and
the course itself grows every year because we
keep adding to it, as we develop new ways to
teach the bid call we add more videos and
tutorials unlike a CD that only has 10 tracks
and it never changes.
Emergency 1on1 - this option is available for
those of you in a pickle... ive seen it before,
you signed up for a charity auction event and
its here only 2 weeks away and you have no
clue what your doing... 40min with Coach
Ledbetter and you will be on your way to
knocking it out of the park!  The live sessions
can be done either over the phone or through

If anxiety is setting in about your upcoming
auction school let us help you prepare your
chant to be heard - dont go to auction school
un prepared.
Offering 3 Levels of Service
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2 Sites for the price of 1!!!
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2 Sites for the price of 1!!!
Sign up Here or at our new site
I am here to teach you how to bid call.  Please call or text me if you have any
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